ANYONE can have Anxiety & Depression

Taryn Vyhnalek

You know what really grinds my gears?
When people say that you shouldn't have anxiety or depression because you have a good life.

Yesterday I was at home and the TV was on, and they were talking about the #metoo movement triggered by Harvey Weinstein.
Naturally the conversation migrated in to mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety.
I absolutely love that famous people are having this discussion - it opens it up for us *civilians* to feel safe to talk about it too.

Selena Gomez was interviewed on the red carpet and admitted that Depression for her was a "daily struggle"

The TV host then went on to say
"I was really surprised to hear that someone like Selena, who has it all, would struggle with things like Anxiety and Depression"

Anyone, can struggle with mental health concerns.
There's no one type of person or only people who encounter a traumatic event in their lives. I thought we were past this opinion already?
I'm really annoyed that I can't find that little snippet of commentary on youtube to share with you, but here is the video of Selena talking about her struggle.



"Selena's Surprising Revelation" Really, surprising?
Man, if I had Selena's life, I'd be absolutely bonkers.

I get overwhelmed and go into hibernation if I have to see people who dont live in my house more than once a week. Imagine being in the spotlight ALL THE TIME. Everything you do being documented, cameras and people calling your name.
No Thank You.
Selena, you are a QUEEN and you handle everything with such Grace.
I am grateful that there are souls like yours on this earth.


Anyone can struggle with Anxiety, Depression and other mental health concerns. No matter their upbringing, background, bank balance, living situation.

Your subconscious can take a tiny passing comment that may have meant nothing and let it fester away, without you even consciously realising and then repeating itself to you - you're not good enough, you're not worthy.
Man that inner mean girl can be a bitch.

It wasn't until about 12 months ago that I actually learned how deep my triggers really ran.
I underwent a series of hypnosis sessions to unpack my anxiety that was holding me back from connecting with you, my audience. It was preventing me from living out the businesses CORE purpose - to help as many people as possible with their day to day lives, using natural products.

One of my triggers was a tiny little comment that I hadn't thought about in YEARS, but there it was, festering away, telling me that if someone else said it, it must be true.

I am so flipping grateful for hypnosis, and how it has changed my life.
If you are interested in hypnosis, comment on the blog or get in touch on Facebook and I'm happy to share my contacts and story with you.

I want to also share some books that have really helped me in my personal growth.

Mastering your Mean Girl - Melissa Ambrosini
The Power - Rhonda Byrne
The Big Leap - Gay Hendricks.

If you're ready to choose to make a change in your life, then I really recommend these three books (and more but they are the true stand outs for me).

If you want to learn more about hypnosis, let me know!

Selena, you are a QUEEN!

Love, Taryn ✌🏼

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