Are you feeling trapped in one of societies boxes?

Taryn Vyhnalek

Authenticity - it’s such a popular thing these days!!

Are you owning your power? Are you living authentically, are you being vulnerable blah blah blah?


I had breakfast with a girlfriend this morning and she looked at me and said “You’re such a hippy”.
I seriously am - I’m super spiritual, I read tarot cards, I’m a reiki practitioner, I love crystals and all things nature. I practice gratitude and love meditation (but I don’t practice that as much as I’d like)... But, I don’t look or act like a spiritual person.

One of the things I always thought about “being spiritual” is not fitting in a box, not conforming to society - being your own being. Right?
Wearing harem pants, floaty skirts and dresses, crystals and talking slowly, floating through life on this spiritual high, talking to invisible creatures (which I totally believe in) - but isn’t that a box?
That’s what society thinks “spiritual” people should look like. So I always resisted being a “hippy” or “spiritual” because I don’t look or act that way.

I have sharp edges, I talk fast, I love wearing black (it’s one of my favourite colours), I swear a lot and I absolutely LOVE working.

When I have conversations with other spiritualists, they seem really taken back by my knowledge and understanding - because I don’t look a certain way.

Sometimes I feel really inauthentic in my business too… Like, to run a successful business I need to look and act a certain way, so people take me seriously.
But I realise now, after todays conversation that the only person that needs to take me seriously, is me.
I created a fucking beautiful business that is helping thousands of people across the globe, it’s absolutely overflowing with love and magic - who cares if I don’t wear a suit?

Why can’t I be a super spiritual hippy, just because I don’t shop at tree of life…
That doesn’t feel good for me, it doesn’t light me up.

I want to be completely raw and myself in my life, in every single aspect of it.
I believe that I can be a completely zen and spiritual person without putting quotes from Ghandi and yoga poses all over my social media.
Why does society make me feel like I can’t be fierce and determined as fuck, and spiritual at the same time?
Why do I feel like a fraud when I talk about business or spirituality to other people - PURELY because of the way I dress?

I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. I love to wear my PJ’s at home and comfort should be my middle name.

I would put money on the idea that societies expectations are what cause so many peoples anxiety.
You are interested in a certain thing, so you are obviously a hipster, emo, hippy, nerd etc etc.

I’m all for being totally authentic.

I am spiritual and I listen to heavy metal. I also listen to folk, country, blues, pop & ballads.

This is me, and I’m saying fuck you society, and your goddamn boxes.

Who’s with me?

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